Martin and Nicole got married on 7 January 2006!!!


Martin & Nicole's Wedding 076-2


The ceremony was held in St. Lucia, attended by a small gathering of family and friends.



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And here’s some details about the wedding and reception ...

wedding ceremony


The wedding was held on St. Lucia on 7 January 2006.  The resort where we stayed and where the ceremony was performed was Stonefield Estate Villas (, located in the city of St. Soufriere.  Everyone who stayed at Stonefield loved it, and we strongly recommend considering staying at Stonefield, if you ever find yourself headed to the Caribbean. 

wedding reception


The official wedding reception was held in Lawrence, Kansas on 8 April 2006.  A large group of friends and family who could not attend our St. Lucia wedding came to help us celebrate in Kansas.


our chronology


As some of you may recall, Martin and Nicole dated in high school.  Here’s our official pre-wedding and post-wedding chronology!


·    1988: met

·    1989: dating; later broke up

·    1990: nada

·    1991: nada

·    1992: nada

·    1993: nada

·    1994: nada

·    1995: nada

·    1996: nada

·    1997: nada

·    1998: nada

·    1999: nada

·    2000: nada

·    2001: re-met at Larson/Frost wedding; dating remotely (M in California, N in DC)

·    2002: dating remotely (trip to Aruba)

·    2003: dating remotely; M moved to DC; living together (trip to Thailand)

·    2004: living together (trip to London + Edinburgh; trip to Costa Rica)

·    2005: engaged (trip to Amsterdam)

·    2006: married; moved to Minneapolis (wedding in St. Lucia; trip to Edinburgh)

·    2007: living in Minneapolis

·    2008: baby Elizabeth!

·    2009: living in Minneapolis

·    2010: living in Minneapolis